Submission made on policy to address bullying and interim code of behaviour

We've provided our submission to Fire and Emergency on the proposed:

Thank you to all those who responded and it's clear these documents are part of larger issue that is important to many of you.

FENZ are now going to follow up with thier own consultation and you should have been sent information - however this has provided an important platform to allow us to represent you through sector advocacy.

You can review our submission in the links below - please note you will need to log in to access this document.


Why are these documents important?

We are in the middle of a culture change across the organisation. One aim is to eliminate bullying, harassment and victimisation at all levels of Fire and Emergency across the country and for all personnel.

Put simply, in order to change how we behave as FENZ personnel, ensuring we act appropriately, we need to know what is acceptable, what is not and how to hold each other to account for persistent behaviour that is unacceptable.  It is about your safety and wellbeing as you serve your communities.  These documents will form the backbone of this understanding.

These initiatives are also a result of the Independent Review into Workplace Bullying and Harassment by retired judge Coral Shaw earlier this year and subsequent Respect and Inclusion work supported by the partner agencies (including UFBA and FRFANZ).

What we asked from you…

On 25 November we emailed all of our subscribers, CFOs and Controllers and posted on Facebook inviting your contributions to our submission. We asked what you thought of the documents and whether expectations were clear and easy to connect with. Responses showed this was a topic around which people were keen to see improvements made.

Fire and Emergency will be following up with a toolbox to help implement these (which will also be opened for consultation once drafted), however this is a start around which they can build these.

Remember - if you want to be at the frontline of communications with the UFBA then join our Brigade Reps group. Contact us at


UFBA submission on Bullying policy and code of behaviour
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Draft Code of Behaviour
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Proposed Policy on bullying, harassment and victimisation
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